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Tesla Paint Protection Film & Detailing

Here at Incredible Detail, we are proud that we have carried out paint protection work on more Teslas than anyone else in Scotland. For some we are the first port of call when they buy their new Tesla, protecting the car before it is in use so that the finish is locked in for many years to come! We offer paint protection film installation, detailing and ceramic coating for all models.

tesla 1

We have had many Tesla cars come through our workshop including the Model S, Model 3 and Model X. As new models are released in the near future, we can’t wait to get our hands on the new Roadster and Cybertrucks! (Now that would be an interesting vehicle to work on)

When buying a new Tesla there are now 5 colours that they are available in: Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl-White Multi-Coat, and Red Multi-Coat. Obsidian Black & Metallic Silver will still be available as special request, but at higher price. We have worked with all the above paintworks and offer films in gloss or matt finishes depending on your preference.

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Having worked on so many over the years, we have mastered our PPF templating and installation process. Using highly accurate pre-cut templates that have been tried and tested, we can offer as close to perfection as possible with no marks or distortions through the application. All film is installed to your Tesla in a seamless way, leaving very little evidence.

Depending on how much you want to protect your Tesla, we can offer front end PPF packages which protects the front end from stone chips and marks or a full coverage kit which works with the whole body of the car, helping to protect the entire Tesla against daily scrapes, scratches and marks. We can even apply PPF to select parts of the interior that you may wish to protect.

Our Tesla Paint Protection Film installations come with a 10 year guarantee against discolouration, lifting and cracking, so you can be sure of the quality we offer at pick up and further down the line when the car has been used day to day.

tesla 3

We also offer detailing, waxing and ceramic coating to all Teslas, either as a standalone product or combined with PPF. Detailing will bring out the best in the paintwork, even if the car is new, ridding any minor paint imperfections that you may spot before bringing the car to us. Ceramic coating will help lock in the perfect finish and if applied after PPF will further protect and enhance the film.

So if you are thinking about buying or have already bought a Tesla, please do contact us for more information and a no obligation quote. We also have many examples of the work carried out on cars similar to yours here on the site and our social media!