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Protection Detail

protection detailOur Protection Detail is designed to gain the best look out of your vehicle’s paintwork without involving a more expensive machine polishing process. In this detail we completely and thoroughly cleanse and protect all external bodywork to give your entire car a fresh and vibrant look again.

We use a Glaze product substantially enhances the paintwork, giving it a new lease of life by adding more depth and gloss. To protect the Glaze and paintwork from future contaminations, a high-quality sealant or Carnauba-based wax is applied.

Wheels are also cleaned and sealed – thereby protecting them and making future cleaning easier, and any exterior rubber or plastic trim is cleaned and conditioned. Additionally, Chrome and Aluminium parts are cleaned and polished.

  • Bodywork Wash

    Door shuts washed

    Engine bay

    Arches cleaned

    Wheels inside and out

    Paintwork, wheels and Glass Decontamination (tar and fallout removed)

    Hand Polish

    Wax applied to bodywork

    Wax applied to wheels

    Protection added to windows

    Exhaust(s) polished

    Tyres and Trims dressed

    All windows cleaned

  • Gtechniq C1 and EXO on paintwork £200

    Gtechniq C5 + EXO on wheels. £75 – faces only , £150 (wheels removed and fully coated)

    Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision : £25 Windscreen , £50 all windows

    Zymol Vintage wax : £100 (retails at £2,300 per tub)

    Swissvax Best of Show : £50

  • £200-£300

  • 1 day booking