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Paintwork Correction Detail

paintwork correction detailIn this service, we include the same stages and amount of care and attention as are in the Gloss Enhancement Detail. However, our Paintwork Correction Detail will take the look of your bodywork to a whole new level of beauty.

This process will take at least 2 full days and can take up to 5 days, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. We use a Rotary Machine Polisher in a 2/3 -stage process which totally removes light-to-medium scratches, swirls marks, holograms and other defects from your paintwork.

After this is finished, your car’s paint will be utterly beautiful. It will reflect light faultlessly and take on a beyond-new look, with the sort of stunning depth, richness and brilliance usually only seen in the manufacturer’s promotional material of the vehicle.

When the paintwork is completely corrected and all defects have been removed, we then seal it with a superb quality Carnauba-based wax or sealant to protect it.

  • Bodywork Wash

    Door shuts washed

    Engine bay

    Arches cleaned

    Wheels inside and out

    Paintwork, wheels and Glass Decontamination (tar and fallout removed)

    Paint thickness readings taken

    2/3 stage Machine Polish to enhance gloss of paintwork and remove fine wash marks.

    Wax applied to bodywork

    Wax applied to wheels

    Protection added to windows

    Exhaust(s) polished

    Tyres and Trims dressed

    All windows cleaned

  • Gtechniq C1 and EXO on paintwork £200

    Gtechniq C5 + EXO on wheels. £75 – faces only , £150 (Wheels removed and fully coated)

    Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision : £25 Windscreen , £50 all windows

    Zymol Vintage wax : £100 (retails at £2,300 per tub)

    Swissvax Best of Show : £50

  • From £600

  • 2-5 days depending on size and condition.