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Mercedes Paint Protection Film & Detailing

Incredible Detail have worked with many different models of Mercedes over the years, with customers bringing their cars from all over Scotland to have paint protection film installed by one of our specialists. For those with a performance Mercedes or brand new car, having PPF installed is a must to stop the car from picking up stone chips, marks and minor damage. We offer PPF installation and a range of detailing work and coatings to suit all models of this popular German make!

mercedes 1

We have had many top of the range Mercedes visit, in need of day to day protection or for when driven hard. Some of the models we have installed for include the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class (C63 & C43!), E-Class and the one of a kind G-Class (G63!), among many others! Whether you have a standard Mercedes, AMG or a coupe or convertible, we can PPF them all.

Our paint protection films come in gloss or matt finishes, creating either a standard or matt look for your car. One is fantastic for those looking for a natural look, the other creates a matt finish over the top of your paintwork whilst also protecting.

mercedes 2

We have perfected our templating systems and installation process for Applying PPF to Mercedes. Using pre-cut templates we offer a finish as close to perfection as possible with no marks or distortion when applied. Every install leaves very little evidence that there is any film on the car, leaving a protective finish that will stand that test of time.

When coming to us for paint protection film you can have just the front end of your car done through to the entire car. Our full car package is perfect for those looking to protect the whole car, whereas the front end installation mainly protects from stone chips etc. We can also apply film to individual areas of the car which are prone to damage or required by our clients.

We guarantee all our PPF installations for 10 years against lifting, cracking and discolouration. You can have peace of mind that the film will look and work as well as when it left us for years to come, in most cases for your entire ownership of the vehicle.

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At Incredible Detail we don’t just offer paint protection film, we also are experts at detailing and ceramic coating. Our detailing is the perfection option for those looking to remove minor paint imperfections and get the paintwork looking as amazing as possible. The ceramic coating ads a protective layer and locks in the perfect paint work, it can also be applied over our PPF for an even better finish and extra protection!

If you are looking to bring your Mercedes to us, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a no obligation quote!