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Interior Detail

interior detailCar interiors contain many different materials, all of which should be cleaned, protected and sometimes fed, in order to stop cracking, fading and peeling.

Our Interior Detail takes into account any delicate surface materials, and we always apply the very best care, attention and most suitable products to keep your vehicle’s interior in the finest condition possible – as our company name suggests, the detail to our work on cars is in-depth and exceptionally thorough.

  • The list of what we carry out is large, but typically includes the essentials below:

    Appropriate surfaces are carefully vacuumed

    All surfaces dusted and wiped down thoroughly

    Glass cleaned to a total clear finish

    Leather is deeply cleansed, fed and conditioned

    Wood, carbon fibre, metals, soft plastics and other materials meticulously cleaned and protected

    Deep cleansing shampoo of carpets, mats, headliner and other suitable surfaces if required

  • From £100
  • 1 day booking