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Frequently Asked Questions

Find information below based around our most frequently asked questions!

What is Detailing?

Simply put, Detailing is for people that want the very best care and attention available for their car. It is to take a vehicle to the very highest level of presentation possible.

Taking the word ‘detailing’ physically, and breaking it down to ‘detail’ gives the best explanation of what vehicle detailing is.

Attention to ‘detail’, means that each stage of the process, from the very beginning to the finishing point, are all given exemplary consideration and scrutiny.

Detailing is the enhancing, restoring and protecting of both the exterior and the interior of a car –  meaning that a vehicle’s looks can be taken to a point where it is even better than new.

At some stage, detailing will usually involve a paintwork correction process which will take the car’s looks to a level of perfection beyond even that ‘factory fresh’ finish.

Is Detailing the same as Valeting?

Typically, valeting involves giving your car a quick and easy clean. It may look okay from a distance, but once close up, flaws and mistakes from the process will become easily visible.

It is mostly a ‘low cost, high volume’ thing, which is aimed at what many people want. It is done as cheaply and quickly as is possible, making the car look clean.

Detailing, on the other hand, is directly for the passionate enthusiast – an owner that requires a high level of care and attention to be shown, and the very best products to be used on their vehicle.

Car owners should be aware that, unfortunately, there are many valeting companies using the word ‘detailing’ in their service descriptions. Often, their ‘detailing’ work is significantly, and quite obviously, far removed from what a real detailer can accomplish.

It is a common thing that a quick valeting clean on a car can do more harm than good, inflicting, amongst other things, scratches and swirl marks in the paint surface.

Real detailing cannot be replicated cheaply or quickly by any means. Like any honed skill or quality craftsmanship, detailing takes time to complete. For example, our minimum detailing package will take 4-8 hours or more to complete, with some cars even taking over 100 or more hours to finish to achieve absolute perfection, depending on what the owner requires.

What are the benefits of having your vehicle detailed?

In todays economy, looking around for a cheaper alternative to most things is usually the way to go, so why should you pay more to have you car detailed?

Here are some very valid benefits;

– Your vehicle will retain, or even increase, its value

– It will look, and keep, an even better than new finish

– It will be protected from a huge variety of conditions, including; damaging U.V. rays, acidic bird dirt, industrial fallout and severe weather conditions

– Your vehicle will stay cleaner, for longer, due to the protection we apply.

– Keeping your car clean will be far easier

– There is nothing like driving an exceptionally clean car. Once detailed, a sense of satisfaction is felt each time you look at, or drive, your pride and joy.

My car is absolutely brand new – how can you improve on the finish?

The cars we detail vary massively in age, but whatever you own – from a vintage right up to a brand new vehicle – you can be sure that it will benefit hugely from one of our detailing packages.

People are often disappointed with the finish of their car, even if it is totally new and they have just collected it from the dealership! This is where we come in. We can physically make your vehicle look even better than new by removing imperfections left by the factory, and having it detailed by ourselves assures not only an amazing finish, but also that it will be protected from the elements too.

Once detailed, you can have peace of mind that your car can continue to look as good as the day we finished it. With one of our fully inclusive car care maintenance packages, you can be sure that it will be kept looking in pristine condition, and we will happily give advice on how to keep it that way too.

My car is valuable, vintage, or highly collectable – How can I be assured it will be detailed with care?

Alongside newer vehicles, we also prepare cars for concours shows and collections. At Incredible Detail, we have over 10 years of experience in detailing, and we use the finest, most suitable products for your vehicle, ensuring that whatever make, marque or model you have, it will be treated with the very best care and attention possible

What is paintwork correction?
Paintwork correction is truly an art. A good detailer will be able to make your paintwork look even better than new, more superior than even the original factory finish.

But what is Paintwork Correction, and why would you want or need it doing?

Here, we will go through some of the many reasons for this.


Every day, through normal use, your vehicle’s paint surface is subject to a pretty harsh environment and contaminates from the air and road – such as virtually invisible industrial fallout from factories and railway lines, and from the road, things such as tar, paint and general grime – all have a big effect on a car’s paint. Even the sun and U.V. rays can have a detrimental effect on it, causing fading and discolouring.

Swirl Marks and Scratches

If a car is washed regularly, you may think that this is a good thing. However, in certain lights – such as bright sunlight or street lamps – your paintwork may look terrible. You may notice what look like large cobwebs strewn across the finish. These are what are known as ‘Swirl Marks’. These are caused and can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which include bad washing practices (from using a gritty sponge or not rinsing the vehicle first) and automatic car washes.

Fine scratches may occur through the same sort of actions as mentioned above. A lot of hand car wash centres and valeters use drying squeegees – a tool well known to leave light scratches through microscopic grit being dragged across the bodywork.

Even someone pushing themselves past your car, perhaps in a car park, will often leave light scratch marks behind.

Buffer trails and bird droppings

Bird dirt may be slightly annoying, as it usually bakes rock hard to the paint on your car and looks generally unsightly – but what many do not realise is that it is also extremely acidic, and damage to your paintwork is highly likely if it is left for more than a few hours, especially if the weather is warmer. It can physically start to eat its way through the clear coat on your car if not removed, and this will leave behind an unattractive marring on the surface of your bodywork.

Regarding ‘buffer trails’, many are drawn into having a cheap machine polish for just a few pounds – where the valeter will use a ‘mop’ with a heavy compound to remove scratches. Sure, it may look nice and shiny in certain conditions, such as at night and in the rain, but once it is seen in strong sunlight or under street lighting, the damage then becomes evident. Paintwork is often physically dulled – and it may seems as if someone has rubbed sandpaper heavily across the finish. A very bad job may even damage and burn the lacquer which is on top of the paint, rendering it useless.

What is involved in your paintwork correction?

From the very start of the process, ours is a highly professional and skilled task. We use Paint Depth equipment to measure the depth of your vehicle’s paintwork, making sure that it is acceptable for machine polishing, so that we will not damage it in any way.

We also use other equipment, such as high-powered lights, or Sun Gun’s, to check what physically needs to be corrected in the paint surface.

After several involved preparatory steps beforehand, the paintwork correction begins. This is by no means a quick or easy job. Some valeters may claim that they can have it all done in a single day – which is simply not possible if a high quality finish is needed.

Our machine polishing is an extremely proficient work. We may polish each panel up to five or six times to achieve the desired effect safely.

Of course, we finish all this off with a high quality wax or sealant to fully protect the paintwork. Long-term sealants and more expensive waxes are available as optional extras.

How long could this take?

As the condition of paintwork can differ hugely from one car to the next, the timeframes can also differ too. Another factor is what sort of finish you desire. You may just wish for a nice finish on your everyday car, on the other hand, you may need a concours show-winning shine.

Depending on the above mentioned, it can take from two to five days or more.

What benefits will a proper paint correction process have?

Here at Incredible Detail, you can be assured that all our processes are carried out to the very highest standard. Our techniques, which were developed and perfected over many years, in using a machine polisher in the best way possible, allows us to give you the confidence that all possible swirl marks, light scratches, buffer trails, bird dropping marks and any fading and discolouring, will all be removed.

Having a paint correction process undertaken by ourselves could also save and gain you money. You may possibly have thought that the paintwork was beyond saving, and that it needs spraying again. In the vast majority of cases, we can actually restore your paint to a fresh finish once more – saving you many hundreds of pounds.

When it comes to selling a car, as with many other things in life, first impressions always last. Beautifully detailed and ‘stand-out’ bodywork will tremendously increase your chances of a good sale, and in some cases, make your car more valuable than other ‘average-looking’ vehicles.

What will the final result be?

The result left behind will be a better-than-new finish. Paintwork will be given a stunning new glow and depth, with an almost mirror-like quality. It will also, importantly, be protected from all of the above mentioned, if looked after correctly subsequently.

We also offer maintenance packages, which involve our ultra-safe wash process (keeping those ugly swirl marks and fine scratches at bay), so you can be assured your paintwork receives the very best attention and care – keeping it protected and in the finest condition  possible.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Glasgow, and cover mainly the central Scotland areas. However, we can accommodate for customers outside of our areas. Please call us for further details on this.

Can I come to you to have my car detailed?

Yes. Our address is

Unit 9
Block 7
Fullwood Industrial Estate
Burnbank Road

Please call ahead before visiting as we are something carry out mobile work.

What hours do you work?

We work to suit you, the client – whether that is at night, perhaps early morning or any other time or day, we can accommodate your needs.

Do I need to provide anything?

No, we are fully mobile and keep all our equipment and essentials such as water and power, on board with us.

Do you have suitable insurance?

Yes. As a highly professional company, we have an extensive insurance policy in place so that we are covered for all eventualities.  We have full public liability which also includes cover for working on cars, fully comprehensive insurance to drive your car and also insurance to keep your car on our premises over night.

What payment method can I use?

We accept most major credit and debit cards, and we also accept cash payments.