Incredible Detail

BMW Paint Protection Film & Detailing

At Incredible Detail we have worked with and installed paint protection film too many different models of BMW’s brought to us by customers from all over Scotland. For some it is the first thing they have done when their new BMW has been purchased, protecting the paint finish from stone chips and minor damage for their ownership of the car! We offer PPF installation, detailing work and also ceramic coating for all BMW models.

bmw 1

Over the years we have had many amazing BMW’s come through the workshop, including the hugely popular M3’s, M4’s M5’s, as well as models like the M2, M6 and newer models and hybrids like the i8! It does not matter if your BMW is a M model or standard, coupe or convertible, we can PPF and detail them all.

We offer gloss and matt finish paint protection film, so for those looking for something a little bit different, the matt finish can create a different look, often mimicking the matt finish that come on some of the more limited BMW’s.

bmw 2

One of the most popular cars coming through, we have mastered our PPF templating and installation process for them. Using highly accurate templates which are pre-cut for each model, we offer a finish as close to perfection as possible with no distortions or marks when installed. Each install leaves very little evidence and protects the car for years to come.

There are some different options for PPF installation, you can have the front end protected through to a full coverage kit which protects the whole body over all areas. We also can custom create or install templates to individual areas if the client requests.

Our PPF packages come complete with a 10 year guarantee against discolouration, cracking or lifting, so you can have peace of mind that the film will remain sound for many years to come, in most cases the whole ownership of the car.

bmw 3

As well as paint protection film we offer popular detailing packages for inside and outside of the car and also ceramic coating application. Detailing will help bring out the best in your paintwork, even if the car is brand new, it can help to rid the paint of imperfections. Ceramic coating the car will help lock in the perfect finished to your cars paintwork and if having ppf installed first will help further enhance and protect the film.

If you are thinking about bringing your BMW to us please do contact us for more information and a quote. We have many examples of work carried out on all makes and models of cars including many amazing BMW’s!