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Audi Paint Protection Film & Detailing

At Incredible Detail we have worked our magic on many different models of Audi, installing paint protection film for customers who bring their car in from all over Scotland! For many new or current owners having PPF installed is a must to protect their pride and joy from stone chips and minor damage. We offer paint protection film installation, detailing and ceramic coating for all models of Audis.

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We get to work on some amazing cars, which include having many Audi’s of all different shapes and sizes coming through the door. Some models we have worked on include A1’s, A2’s, A3’s, A4’s, A5’s, A6’s, of course many times they are the S or RS versions of these cars. Also did you think we would leave out the Audi R8 from this list, the perfect candidate for paint protection film!

There are gloss and matt films available when installing to your car, so if you are looking for something a little different the matt finish can really transform the look of your car. In fact our current demo car is a RS3 and features half gloss, half matt finish split right down the middle so you can see the differences! A gloss finish results in a natural, true to your original paint finish but with the added protection.

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We have mastered the paint protection film printing and installation process, using pre-cut templates for all Audi models which leave a finish as close to perfect as possible with no marks or distortions found on the finished product. All our installs leave your car protected for years into the future from chips and minor damage.

Our PPF packages come with a 10 year guarantee against cracking, lifting and discolouration so you have peace of mind once you have left us, to enjoy your car without the worry of the product failing prematurely. In many cases the film will last you the whole ownership of your car!

We have different options when it comes to where you have the paint protection film installed, starting from the car’s front end, through to full coverage package. We can also create custom PPF for specific sections of the car where you require it.

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As well as PPF we also offer a range of detailing services and ceramic coating for all Audi’s. Detailing will help gain the best from your paint work, removing minor imperfections and leaving your car, our ceramic coating will help lock in the finish and if applied over PPF will further protect the car as well as enhance its look.

If you are thinking about bringing your Audi to us, no matter what model, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote or more information.